personal products

Have a gift idea?  Paddles, benches, tables, and more, all customized to your needs and ideas.  Come by to discuss your item or idea and let's see what we can make.  Your family and friends will love their new customized item, truly a one of a kind gift.

Specialty and repair welding

Our shop is capable of handling all kinds of welding including, but not limited to: steel, aluminum, and stainless.  Have a design in mind or a piece that needs some touching up?  Bring it by and let us quote you a fair and competitive price for an excellent quality product.


We are fully equipped to quote, design, and fabricate a variety of HVAC duct systems for new or existing buildings and boats.  Our methods are very detailed and precise, allowing a quick and easy installation every time.

 Water jet and plasma cutting capabilities

 5' x 10' water jet table with a 50 horsepower H2O jet pump

Our cutting table is capable of cutting many different items from thin sheet metal to thick steel. We can also cut non-metal items with our machine, including wood and granite.  Whatever your needs may be, our water jet table can handle it!

 5' x 10' plasma table with a 150 amp precision plasma cutting tool

Our plasma table can cut quickly and at a very cost effective rate.  This table is perfect for thinner metals, including aluminum, as well as HVAC duct work.  If you're looking to cut templates, signs, or other lightweight items, then this is the one you're looking for!



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